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1 – Membership Fees


  1. To be eligible for membership you must be the current owner of a BMW motorcycle.
  2. To be eligible for Associate Membership you must be nominated and seconded by current Members of the Register.
  3. Until 1 July 2017, the Membership categories and Annual Membership Fees are:
    1. Member – $60-00,
    2. Associate – $60-00,
    3. Partner (with either category above) – $6-00.
  4. From 1 July 2017, Membership categories and Annual Membership Fees change to:
    1. Owner Membership – $60-00 (must own a BMW Motorcycle)
    2. Associate membership – $50-00 (Can own other than a BMW Motorcycle or have an interest in the BMW marque)
    3. Pillion Membership – $20-00
    4. Corporate Membership – $120-00

(A copy of the information you send will be emailed to you as confirmation it has been submitted.)

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