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  • 1 – Membership Fees

    1. To be eligible for membership you must have an interest in the BMW motorcycle marques.
    2. To be eligible for Owner Membership you must own and preferably ride a BMW Motorcycle.
    3. To be eligible for Associate Membership you must be nominated and seconded by current Members of the Club.
    4. From 1 July 2017, Membership categories and Annual Membership Fees change to:
      1. Owner Membership - $60-00 (must own a BMW Motorcycle)
      2. Associate membership - $60-00 (Can own other than a BMW Motorcycle or have an interest in the BMW marque)
      3. Pillion Membership - $20-00  (This is linked to an Owner of an Associate Membership)
      4. Corporate Membership - $120-00
    (A copy of the information you send will be emailed to you as confirmation it has been submitted.)