1. To be eligible for Membership you must be the current owner of a BMW motorcycle OR have an interest in the BMW Marque.
  2. To be eligible for Associate Membership you must be nominated and seconded by current Members of the Register.
  3. Categories of Membership can be seen by clicking HERE. Full privileges are available to Full Members.
  4. Membership Fees are set annually and are payable on the anniversary of your joining.
  5. The current fees can be seen by clicking HERE.
  6. Please complete and submit the form below AND complete your payment using the details in item 7.
  7. Please make your deposit in the BMWOR Westpac Account  03-1519-0034447-00 using your Surname and NEW as the references.  Your application will be actioned once the payment is identified.  To pay for your new membership, Click HERE and select the appropriate NEW XXXX option based on your application type.
  8. Information supplied in this application is used in the BMWOR Database. See our Privacy statement can be seen by clicking HERE.

Your application will be acknowledged and you will be contacted by the local Area Representative