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    There is an interesting discussion starting up on the R1200GS – info webpage about riding modes. I thought some of you might be interested . . . ++++++++++++The riding modes effect several things. First, it changes the throttle response based on chosen mode. A "soft" response (as in Rain or Enduro modes) means you have to twist the throttle very far to get "full throttle". This prevents you from giving it too much throttle in loose or slippery surfaces. An aggressive throttle response that you get in Dynamic or Enduro Pro modes essentially quickens the throttle opening so you are getting wide open with only something like a half twist. It gives it a bit more of a 'hair trigger' which is why you don't use them on slippery surfaces. Road mode is somewhere in the middle, good traction surface, but not aggressive and promotes smoothness. In addition to throttle response, the modes also change the way that ABS and TCS intervene. In Rain mode, the ABS and TCS intervene very quickly, which may lengthen your stopping distance, but it keeps you upright and reduces wheel spin to nil. In Dynamic mode, it's quite the opposite. You get much lower thresholds for both, and because you are telling it you're on a high traction surface, it would take a lot of braking or a much greater amount of rear wheel slip before it steps in. Road mode, as usual, is right in the middle. As for the Enduro modes, they are quite cool. Regular Enduro mode allows a decent amount of wheel spin, because you're on dirt, and also the ABS has special algorithms that allow a small amount of locking, just a bit, to work better on loose surface, it's quite amazing. Enduro Pro allows very aggressive front braking, disables ABS at the rear, and allows a lot of spin out back. Couple that with a aggressive throttle response and you've got your hands full, hence "Pro" in the title. If you wanna see for yourself try this; find a gravel road, and put it in Rain mode. Try taking off with heavy throttle and see how quickly the TCS shuts you down. Then also try (at low speeds please) the ABS by carefully trying to lock the front (SLOW). The ABS kicks in a soon as you look at the brake lever, never mind squeeze it. Now switch to Enduro Mode and try those things again. You will be amazed at the range of capability of this machine. I tried some experiments when I first got the bike, because I too was skeptical "These modes don't really do anything do they?" I said to myself. Was I in for a shock when I found a remote gravel road and toyed around. Try it, you'll be a believer. Just be careful though. Enduro Pro really is for those who know what they are doing off road. We havn't even discussed how the semi-active suspension adjusts damping because it checks several parameters 100 times per second to give optimal damping. That's another story. Sorry for the epic reply.+++++++++++++++++++Ken

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    Yes you are dead right Ken all those modes work well especially the enduro pro. It allows both you and the bike to live on the wild side and I have got all the aches, pains and bruise's to prove it.Tibsy 🙂

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