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Australian Offer and Enquiry

My name is David Winters and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm a keen BMW rider and currently have a 2006 R1200RT SE in the shed. I have toured a fair chunk of Australia on my previous bike an R1150RT, also Great Britain and some of Europe on a hired R1200GS. I'd love to tour NZ

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Changes to Annual Membership Fees

At the AGM on 28 January 2017, the Annual Membership Fees were increased to $60-00 per single Member, with the partner remaining at 10%.  Therefore Annual Membership Fees for a Member and Partner changed to $66-00 up until 1 July when the new Membership Categories began. With the introduction of the new Database, there has also

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BMWOR Forums – Update

The BMWOR Forums have been imported from the old OR Site, however the old site used a very old platform and in the transfer only the Posts were able to be imported. Nothing has been lost from the content of the Forums except the avatars and identities of those who have posted.  This also means

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